Frequently Asked Questions/Getting Started

What is this? What are you even doing?
This is the world-building wiki for an online, text roleplay world. All active RPing takes place on a Discord server. Text only roleplay, no voice.

There are no mechanics. Think D&D without the tabletop and numbers. Instead of rolling or checking stats to see what happens, just roleplay whatever you want to happen, to help drive the story along, or respond to the situation presented by the storyteller! It’s like a cross between D&D and playing pretend with friends.

Someone wrote a really nice guide to roleplaying that can also help you get started.

How do I join?
Create an account here on Obsidian Portal and message leiapico to request to be added to the campaign if you want to help build the world or create a character. If you want to RP and/or spectate, you also need the Discord app and an account. You can use Discord in either your browser, on your PC, or on your phone/tablet. Message any player for a link to the Discord server.

Do I have to make a character?
No! Any level of participation is fine, from spectating to running your own adventure RP! You can RP “outside the box” and step in to ongoing RPs as a cameo NPC, environmental narration, or whatever! It is good etiquette to message the current RPers and ask before entering an RP, though.

If you do want to make a character, click on the “Characters” tab to the left and then the little + icon next to the search bar. Try to give them an interesting, unique backstory that makes them really fit into the world! Please only mark “Player Characters” as ones that you plan to RP pretty extensively. You can make as many characters as you want!

If you’re stuck, a questionnaire type character profile might help you flesh out details of your character. (Just leave blank anything you don’t want.) If you’re worried about knowing enough about the world, give your character a reason not to know much… have they been isolated? Are they from another land or plane? Have they never traveled out of their home town? Here is another good guide to making a quick RP character.

It can also help to find a picture of the type of character you think you want FIRST, and then make up a cool backstory that “speaks” to you. It’s hard to find the perfect picture later that fits the image of your character after you make them up in your head.

Can I do [insert cool idea here]?
Probably! Read around on the wiki to see how you could make the world’s mechanics work for you. It is a generic enough fantasy world that most ideas are plausible! If you still aren’t sure, message a player. Some areas of the wiki have “experts” listed at the bottom of the page. Consult with those players for questions about those world elements.

What’s the difference between a “story” RP and an “adventure” RP?
“Story” RPs are open RPs. That means the character(s) playing have vague or no idea what will happen in the story, and are making it up as they go along! Anything might happen! These are often open to new characters to drop in and enter the story.

“Adventure” RPs are several player characters RPing through a story campaign “led” by a Storyteller. The Storyteller has a plot in mind and controls the direction of the story, kind of like a D&D Dungeon Master. The Storyteller may or may not also have a player character in the adventuring party. Like a Dungeon Master running a D&D campaign, there may be some negotiability in an adventure RP, but the Storyteller’s word is final…. Adventure at your own peril!

Can I add my own ideas to the wiki?
YES PLEASE! The world is intended to be extremely collaborative! If you want to “take over” an area or city to make it unique by making up your own cool lore for it, invent a new culture hidden in the depths of the desert/jungle/mountains/clouds or develop a big concept like a new religion or something, just check with people on the Discord server first so it meshes well with everyone’s ideas for the world. Everyone will probably get excited with you about how awesome it is.

What’s “OOC?”
OOC stands for “out of character.” Any non-RP talk is “OOC.” Please keep OOC chat out of story/adventure channels because it ruins the immersion for the players.

Uh…. there’s a LOT to read. Am I expected to know all this?
God, no. Are you kidding? This is the collaborative work of like… a bunch of people! Just make sure you’re at least passably familiar with the setting you are currently RPing so that you don’t look like a fool and have your character “gaze out over the ocean” when they’re standing in the desert. That’s the nice thing about text chat RP. If your character is about to say something about the Draelian spirits, you can go look up that wiki page real quick before your post, or ask another player in OOC chat about it.

Can I invite my cool friend?


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